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Hi Im Haley. Im Obsessed With All Things Glee But My Number One Obsession Is Klaine. I Love To Write When Ever I Get A Chance To So Don't Be Afraid To Submit Prompts. Im Always Here To Talk so Don't Be Shy!
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Yesterday, we were just children


Zodiac Pisces Info — Don’t be surprised by how much Pisces likes to have sex. Most of them have a high sex drive and don’t mind trying new things.


my little tribute to the women of youtube, thank you for inspiring me so much.

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You gave me true happiness and for that I’m SO thankful.

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youtube positivity (x

day 9- favourite youtube couple: zalfie

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[[UPDATE 9/28/14]]

Bored? Looking for some mpreg to read? Here’s a masterpost of all the mpreg fics I’ve written so far!


When We’re Older
Kurt and Blaine have been married for several years and Blaine’s been wanting to start a family, especially since…



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this needs like 3,000,000 more reblogs. if you follow me just reblog this now.

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